Family owned grove

David and Helen Walshaw's 2,300 olive trees are nestled amongst the productive Te Horo market garden area on the Kapiti Coast (65km north of Wellington).

We have a mix of Italian, Spanish, and Greek olive trees which gives us a wonderful variety of olive tastes. From these olives we produce two blends a year; usually one a full fruity and more robust oil and the second a mild fruity and smooth oil. Both blends have proved to be gold medal winners over the past decade including Best in Class and Best in Show (Olives New Zealand Awards).

Frantoio olive trees
"We have been enjoying the olive oil very much. It rates right up there with some of the best Italian olive oil we have tasted"
"Thanks for the lovely oil, as you know we're addicted"
"We love your new Olive Oil it is very, very delicious well done!!!"
"Everyone who we let try it thinks it's amazing"

We aim to maintain the highest ethical standards in every part of the olive oil process from tree management, harvesting, pressing, blending, bottling, labelling and selling. Because we are personally hands-on at every step of the way we know that we are delivering the highest quality oil possible.

Over the years our grove has been the focal point for many olive growers' field days where knowledge is shared both locally and nationally. David has been active in leading the local growers' network and on the national executive of Olives New Zealand.


17 years of entering the Olives New Zealand Awards have resulted in medals every single year including Best in Show (2010, 2019), Supreme Champion (2018. 2020) and Best in Class (2005, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020). Kapiti Olive Oil was one of only two NZ olive oils chosen by the USA Olive Society to promote to their membership in 2005. Kapiti Olive Oil is used by various high profile NZ chefs in their award winning restaurants.


Helen with Best in Show award
Helen with the "Best in Show" 2019
Olives New Zealand Award

Ever since the grove was planted our goal has been to be as near organic farming as possible without actually being certified organic. This means that we are aware of what we take from the soil for the trees growth and therefore what we need to put back into it. Our soil is routinely tested for mineral deficiencies and maintained at the optimum pH level for the health of the trees and the land.

The trees are pruned to keep the light and air flowing through them to help keep them naturally healthy.

It is always about the end product – quality olive oil!