There are a number of reasons

Firstly our climate is ideal. The Kapiti Coast has a cool maritime climate with warm summer days of around 24 degrees, but cool nights of around 10 - 12 degrees. This creates enough stress on the trees to ensure they produce robust fruit that is packed full of flavours. We harvest the fruit as soon as it starts to ripen and send it to the press within hours. This means the fruit is in perfect condition and the resulting oil maintains all the pure olive flavours and health giving properties.

kapiti olives
Ripe Leccino olives

Storing the oil

We press our olives as single varietals and store the individual oils in stainless steel tanks under a layer of argon gas which prevents any contact with oxygen. Once all the varietals are pressed and the oil stored we let it settle for 4 - 6 weeks and then conduct a tasting review of each oil.

Creating the styles

We make notes to evaluate aroma, flavour, complexity and persistence. We decide whether any one varietal has all these qualities or if a blend would better achieve balance and harmony between fruitiness, pungency and aftertaste. Each season will have slightly different climatic conditions and therefore the flavour will be unique to that season. This is one of the wonderul aspects of producing olive oil. It is alway exciting to try the new oils for the first time each season.


Mechanical harvesting may not seem as romantic as picking by hand, but it is far more efficient. We harvest large quantities of olives and deliver them directly to the press. They are pressed within the critical 24 hour period at a certified Food Safe olive press to retain both the health giving properties and fresh vibrant tastes that ensure a true certified extra virgin olive oil.